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    Laurelyn Morley



    With roots stretching into Mississippi, Laurelyn has spent most of her life here in the valley. Before earning her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Athens State University, she gained 4 years of experience with marketing in the music industry, and another 4 years acquiring valuable skills in computer technology as a software tester. Laurelyn has a daughter, step-son, and step-daughter. Her hobbies include playing the guitar and piano.


    Email: laurelyn@elitehomeadvisors.com

    Phone: 256-541-4371

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    John Morley

    Acquisitions Manager


    Originally from Orlando, John has lived in the valley since 2002. Before falling in love with real estate, he was a software developer and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Auburn University. John has a daughter, son, and step-daughter.


    Email: john@elitehomeadvisors.com

    Phone: 256-468-3365